Green building, or sustainable building, has become an important practice in construction all across the U.S. and in Minnesota’s construction community especially. As a way to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint, many Minnesotan cities and construction companies have committed to a higher standard of sustainable living. More eco-friendly practices have become a common addition to their policies, and it can actually be seen through data how effective those changes have been.

To show the growth of Energy Star and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certified practices in the 30 largest cities in the U.S, the CBRE created the National Green Building Adoption Index. The Twin Cities have proudly been certified in the top 5 since the index began in 2014. While the studies do only include commercial buildings, the Twin Cities building community has shown great strides in implementing green practices for all areas of real estate.

Through practices like these, a building becomes eco-friendlier:

  • Designing natural lighting concepts to lessen dependency on artificial lighting.
  • Installing energy efficient windows and doors.
  • Following LEED and Energy Star building standards.
  • Installing HVAC systems to allow for better air circulation.
  • Using energy efficient lighting.

Tycon Companies have taken these green practices to heart and implemented many of them in our newest premier apartment building, Lakeview Terrace. As a result, striving for a high-quality and more sustainable building won us the Pyramid award in 2015 for Outstanding Achievement & Quality Workmanship.

We will continue to implement green practices in our buildings while staying committed to our original mission: offering affordable, high-quality living so our residents will love where they live.