As a property management company, we’re dedicated to expertly serving our nine rental properties and their residents’ needs. One key way to accomplish that? Proper communication.

We have multiple ways our residents can contact us: through the Tycon website contact form, main office phone line, individual property phone lines, email, and social media. So, whether we are helping a current resident or interested renter, we have many ways for them to get info directly from our helpful staff. Our online application portal also allows those interested renters the option of a quick and easy application process. Then, to all of these inquires, we strive to reply in a timely manner.

When issues are reported, such as a broken appliance, the request form is passed on to our maintenance staff who are on-hand at every property to evaluate the situation. If the problem can be fixed, we do that as soon as possible; if it needs an outside expert, we call them. However, in some cases a repair is not enough—when that happens, we understand that keeping a well-maintained property means investing when needed. So, we install a new appliance.

Additionally, for each property, we create a community and environment that residents will be proud to call home. Our staff monitor each building for cleanliness, working lighting, and operating safety systems. All of our residential properties are crime-free housing, so we always do a thorough background check before accepting applicants. Then, when moving in, we properly prepare the resident’s new home so it’s move-in-ready on day 1.

Our 46 years of experience has prepared us for all of these customer service duties, and we’re proud to offer high-quality, affordable apartment to the Twin Cities metro. If you’re looking to move, we have nine rental properties located from Shoreview to Rosemount. We also manage commercial properties for a variety of industries.

Upgrade your living situation by renting from one of the metro’s most experienced property management companies. Give us a call today to see what we have available.