Searching for the right apartment takes a lot of research, touring, questioning, and a little bit of luck. To help, here’s a few key things to keep in mind as you narrow down your hunt:

  1. How’s the parking situation?

If you have a car, then you need somewhere to park it when you’re home. The parking situation can differ based on the area you choose—for example, a city location may lack parking options compared to a suburb one—but it mostly depends on the apartment. Do they have off-street parking, detached garages, or an underground parking lot? Does it cost extra to participate in them?

  1. Is there an online resident portal?

Some apartment properties have embraced the digital age and some have not. It’s beneficial to rent from a place that has a portal because residents can go paperless and pay their rent whenever and wherever. This is great for those times when you may be away at the beginning of the month. Some online portals will also allow you to pay off any fees, contact staff, and request maintenance.

  1. What happens in the event of repairs or emergencies?

It’s common for something to break down or need an update once in a while when renting. Can you easily get a hold of maintenance when you need their services? Is it a 24/7 service? This is especially important in case of emergencies, such as a burst pipe or broken heating in the winter, which require immediate attention.

  1. Is the building secure?

More than anything, it’s important that you feel safe in your new home. What security measures are in place? How many entries are there, and are they all secure either through a fob or key given to only residents? You should also ask if they participate in crime-free housing.

  1. Is the management experienced?

Do some research on the management property—how long have they been in the industry? Ask the manager how they handle day-to-day matters and how quickly they will answer an email or return a phone call if you have a question. Notice how they’ve been communicating with you during the whole inquiry process, and that often gives a clue as to how quickly they respond.

Every apartment and its management are different, so asking lots of questions will help you feel more confident in your choice of rental. As one of the most experienced management companies in the Twin Cities, Tycon is proud to offer high-quality and affordable apartment rentals. Contact us to see our availability.



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