There’s a lot that goes into finding and choosing a new apartment. Sometimes the need for a new place comes up last minute, or the lease end at a certain time, so there’s not much choice on whether or not the timing is ideal. When you do have the option, however, there are times when the market is better for your specific apartment hunting goals.

We break it down to even the time of day when you should be looking at apartments to rent:

The Best Times of the Year

Due to the majority of apartment renters moving in the late spring/summer (or May to September specifically), there will be more options as those 12-month leases finally end. However, you’ll be up against more people since the demand is high. Depending on the rental place, the rates could also be higher at this time.

Since demand is lower in the winter, you might have more luck finding an apartment in your price range. Specially, the January to March months are ideal if you don’t want to deal with the quick summer turnover and higher rates. However, there will be less options during this period.

 The Best Time of the Month

In most cases, renters have to give a 30 days notice of them moving out, and the lease expires at the end of the month. If you’re looking to move in October, for example, then start looking around the last couple weeks of September.

The Best Time of the Day

Building managers will most likely post available units in the early hours of their shift so they can get the ad up as soon as possible. Always check in the morning to see if there are any new availabilities out there.

Whether or not the timing is what you hoped for, Tycon Companies can help you find the right apartment for your personality and budget. Give us a call if you want to see what we have available.