The holiday season is a fun and busy time, so we’ve put together some good info to know when celebrating the holidays while renting an apartment.

Decorating Tips

  • Utilize your space efficiently. If you have shelves, switch out your usual decor items for some holiday-themed ones so you don’t take up a lot of floor space.
  • Don’t over-do it on a Christmas tree. They come in a variety of shapes, so you can go for a thinner tree rather than a wider one to fit in your decor easier—you’ll still be able to fill it with garland and ornaments while preventing clutter.
  • Switch out your usual pillows and blankets for some festive ones. A lot of retailers or boutiques will carry specialized items like that around this time of the year.
  • Surrounded mirrors or wall art with evergreen/pine garlands. You can even hang tiny ornaments on them for extra sparkle.
  • Look around your apartment for its focal points. If you want to make the most out of your decorations, focusing on those areas will give the illusion of festive.

Courtesy Reminders

If you are having friends or family over during the holiday season, keep the festivities contained to your apartment. Going out into the hallway or leaving your door open could disturb other residents. You should also be aware of the quiet hours in your building and try to be courtesy by not being too loud.

Reminders Before Going Out of Town

  • Don’t turn down your heat. If temps reach below zero, you want to make sure the pipes don’t freeze since you won’t be around to run water.
  • Take out your trash and recycling and clean all of your dirty dishes. Leaving those kinds of things could result in an infestation.
  • Unplug appliances like your coffee machine, electronics, computer, and TV. Just in case there’s an energy surge, this will help ensure you don’t have to worry.
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Let a trusted neighbor know you’ll be gone so they will be aware if anyone that’s not you is around your apartment.

We hope all of our residents have a safe and wonderful holiday season!