In Minnesota, we care a lot about green and eco-friendly practices; in fact, Minneapolis has even been considered a top green city in the US for many years. Tycon Companies is proud to be one of the local companies that practices green building and eco-friendly standards.

Our more recent builds, for example, have been designed around green building (or sustainable building) standards. These certified standards are built around LEED and Energy Star building guidelines. By following those specifications, we work towards conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. For example, our Lakeview Terrace building, designed with sustainable codes, received a Pyramid Award in 2015 for Excellence in Construction to recognize the outstanding achievement & quality workmanship.

What does that all mean exactly for our buildings? Overall, we have implemented many ways (in our older apartment buildings as well) to become eco-friendlier. Our newer buildings were constructed with natural lighting concepts to lessen dependency on artificial lighting, energy-efficient windows and doors, a HVAC system for better air circulation, and energy-efficient lighting. When applicable, we also updated our older buildings with these measures.

For our residents’ benefit, here are a few tips to support a greener lifestyle in your Tycon apartment:

·      When replacing lightbulbs, choose LED as a greener option. They can also help you save money on your energy bill.

·      Buy a power strip with surge protection to waste less power, which also saves you money.

·      Turn off the lights when you leave a room and unplug appliances when you go on a trip.

·      Try to avoid letting your water run for long periods when doing things like the dishes, washing your hands, and taking a shower (aim for 10 minutes or less).

·      Recycle and reuse when you can. For example: use reusable shopping bags and avoid one-use plastics.

·      If you know how or are willing to do the research, you can also set up a compost system. However, be diligent. Incorrectly composting can cause lingering odors in your apartment or attract bugs.

·      Buy plants for your apartment—they make the space more friendly and also improve the air quality.

Give us a call if you’re interested in living a greener life in one of our nine Tycon rental properties. We have locations all around the Twin Cities so you can choose the type of city or suburban living that fits your lifestyle.