When searching for apartments, renters will often focus on amenities rather than one of most important aspects: the property management. An apartment is as good as its management, so here’s some things to consider when you’re looking:

  • How long has the management company been in the industry?

An experienced, local property management company will know more about specific needs an area might have and how to solve common property issues.

  • Does each property have an on-site office?

Apartment buildings that have a dedicated manager and phone number are easier to get a hold of when the resident needs them—especially when they’re on-site. Another key benefit you want to keep in mind: whether or not they have a 24/7 emergency line.

  • Do they mention property maintenance on their website?

While each unit will have their own maintenance needs at some point, it’s often up to the resident to let the office know. The building and common areas are a part of the management’s duties. Do they regularly monitor their properties for issues like cleanliness, lighting, general repairs, and safety systems?

  • Do they have a website and social media that makes it easy to connect with them?

When searching for an apartment, renters can struggle to get a response if the property management only advertises through renting sites. Being able to view the apartments from the property management website will make sure the info is up-to-date, and they’ll most likely have more options of contact like email, phone, and social media.

  • How have they handled cleanliness, especially during COVID-19?

A property management should already be routinely cleaning the building and common areas, but that’s especially important now. Ask or see if they announced a commitment to keeping their residents and staff safe with increased cleaning procedures.

A lot of these questions will reflect on how well the apartment you’re looking at is managed. It’s not just about the amenities or rent—it’s also about how you can contact them for questions or maintenance. Make a list of what you’re looking for in an apartment and use those for your initial search. Then, once you’ve scheduled a tour, you can ask the property manager these questions to see how they will take care of you, as a resident, and the property you call home.

Tycon Companies is proud to be one of the Twin Cities’ most experienced and professional management companies. We were founded in 1973 and now expertly manage nine properties around the area.

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