Living in the Twin Cities means you truly get the best of both worlds: two innovative, unique cities only miles away and peaceful suburbs in the surrounding area that are settled around beautiful, Minnesota nature. While you can see a lot of that natural beauty even in the cities, there’s a different vibe to the living experience of choosing a city or suburb apartment. Let’s go over what you can look forward to in each location to help your search.

Why you should live in a Tycon property city location:

  • More opportunity for walking. For example, at our Chestnut Arms property, located in St. Paul, residents can walk to their favorite restaurants, parks, and retail stores to save themselves the gas money.
  • Some city locations may lack proper parking, but luckily all of our properties have off-street parking. This is especially important in the winter when snow ordinances are in effect, which can make finding a parking spot on the street very difficult. If residents do not have their own transportation, then a city location is perfect for easily riding public transportation to get around.
  • The cities, as a large, populous area, have many job opportunities and colleges in close proximity. Living in the city then allows a shorter commute, so you don’t have to deal with as much city traffic.
  • A diverse shopping area with lots of different cuisines and stores to explore.
  • In many cases, some renters may think that a city location is out of their budget. We’re proud to offer high-quality, affordable units at a great value to the area.

Why you should live in a Tycon property suburb location:

  • If city noise isn’t your cup of tea, then a suburb location will often be a more quiet experience. Many of our properties are located in or adjacent to neighborhoods or nature spaces, so there will also be less traffic around.
  • While it may be a little harder to walk everywhere, our properties have a prime location in each suburb that is close to grocery stores, malls, and other popular stores.
  • With a little more room out in the suburbs, residents can enjoy being closer to natural resources like lakes and hiking trails and outdoor experiences like golf courses.
  • While the commutes may be a little longer, many of our properties are close to public transportation and Metro Transit stations that will take you into the city. Then you can still avoid city traffic while potentially saving some money on gas.
  • Even out in the suburbs, residents can enjoy unique small businesses and cuisines in their area or in the next suburb over. Living out of the city doesn’t mean you have to miss out on those experiences.

Tycon Companies is proud to be one of the Twin Cities’ most experienced and professional management companies with nine unique properties located all around the Twin Cities. Give us a call if you’re interested in checking current availability.