Getting the most out of your living space and the act of decluttering has become a popular trend in the last couple years. The good news: since renters are such a large market, there are a ton of decor items and organizers already designed to help you get the most out of your space. We’re here to help you translate it, so here’s a few great storage hacks:

  • The #1 tip: work vertically. If you want to display a large collection or get more out of your closet space, this is the perfect solution. Look at your current layout and see if there’s open floor space to decide what kind of vertical storage you should buy. If you have floor space, then you can buy a piece of furniture like a bookcase or organizer. If you don’t, then you can purchase shelves that can be hung on the walls.
  • When you aren’t able to work up or you run out of vertical space, then you can always think outside the box. For example: if your bathroom does not already have a cabinet under the sink, then there are many drawer organizers on the market that can fit that empty space. Look around your apartment for other opportunities—most likely, there’s an organizer or shelf that can open up more storage/display space.
  • Use decluttering methods or buy organizers to better store your items. When every item has a place, then your living space looks tidy and less cluttered. It doesn’t always mean going out to buy new pieces: save your glass bottles, tins, boxes, and other containers that can be repurposed. Bottles and tins are especially useful for the pantry. If you have less bulky boxes, then you might realize you have more room in there than you thought.
  • Utilize every space you have: use storage bins under the bed, hang organizers on the door or from a clothes rod, use magnetic holders on the fridge, place shelves on empty walls, hang caddies on the shower head, etc. There are so many opportunities for renters to get the most out of their apartment.

Whether you’re looking to get more space or downsize from your current place, Tycon Companies can help you find the perfect apartment. We have a variety of apartments in the Twin Cities that range from a studio to 3-bedroom. Check out our properties page or contact us to learn more about availability.