In this digital age, there have been many evolutions in the property management industry to make it easier for renters to find the perfect apartment and communicate with management. For example, rental sites that gather all available apartments became one of the first ways to digitize the process, and then that trend continued through online applications, payments, etc. However, there are some property management companies that have yet to take advantage of online features. Tycon Companies is proud to offer these digital services for our tenants:

Online Portal

Our tenants can use the “Resident Login” tab on our website to access their property’s tenant portal from anywhere. No more mailing a check or stopping by the rental office—we’ve proudly gone paperless, so our tenants only need that portal login to pay their rent. They can also view their past statements and enroll in automatic payments, so they’ll never forget a payment.

Online Application

The rental market can move quickly, so this feature allows interested applicants to lock down the apartment of their dreams. If you look at our website’s menu options, you’ll see “Apply Now” as one of them. Interested renters can click on that and easily apply for their new apartment.

Browse Properties Online

We’ve made it easy to find more information on our properties through detailed descriptions on our website and multiple renting sites. The renting sites we are registered on are regularly updated and monitored by property managers. We also list the manager’s email and phone numbers if tenants prefer communicating that way.

We want you to Love Where You Live. View our properties, contact our office, and easily apply for your new apartment from our website. Tycon Companies was founded in 1973, and we are proud to be one of the Twin Cities’ most experienced and professional property management companies.