Hearing your neighbors once in a while is just a part of apartment living. However, while every building is different depending on how units were constructed and the typical noise level of the occupants, renters still like to find additional solutions for a quieter home. First of all, they should identify where the sound is coming from.

If you’re hearing, for example:

Foot or car traffic out your window, then you could buy some soundproof curtains. Those can help dampen that outside noise; plus, they can help keep your apartment cooler if the window faces east or west and gets direct sunlight.

Too much noise from your downstairs neighbors, lay down some rugs—especially if you have hard floors. Carpet will naturally be a better noise deterrent, but some people still want to add some extra padding to help dampen the sound.

Your neighbor through your walls, hang some tapestry, buy a bookcase, or arrange some curtains to help break up the sound coming through that specific wall. Soft wall hangings will help dampen the sound while a full bookcase will help put an extra layer between you and your neighbors. Additionally, you could try rearranging the room so you’re not sitting or sleeping right next to a wall with noisy neighbors. See if you can put the TV on that side as well to help block out your neighbor’s sounds.

Doors opening and closing or people walking by your door, try hanging a soundproof curtain in front of the door from the inside. There’s already a demand for these, so you can buy ones at certain thickness and height to better fit what you need.

Consistent noise from your upstairs neighbors, then you should ask them if they could lay down some rugs or take off their shoes if that’s making most of the noise. Unfortunately, there’s not as much you can do when the noise is coming from the ceiling unless you’re willing to line it with sound-absorbing panels.

Overall, softening hard surfaces or adding furniture with upholstery to your apartment will help stop sounds from echoing too much and break up noises coming from the apartments around you. If none of those tips do enough, then you can also buy a white noise machine to help you sleep at night. It’s also a good idea to communicate with your neighbor if they’re being too noisy during quiet hours.

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