When looking for a new apartment, many renters are unsure about what they need to know or ask during their search. We’re here to help you out with some simple tips:

Location, location, location

When looking for a new apartment, you want to consider a couple important things: how long you want your commute to be, if you want to be closer to friends and family, if you prefer a city or suburb area, and/or if you want to be closer to an area with all your favorite stores. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a target area, then think about the type of unit you want. What floor? Would you prefer a corner apartment? Do you want it to be facing a certain direction for the best sunset or sunrise views?

Know your floorplan wants

While getting more information from a property, ask for a floor plan so you can see exactly what to expect with unit size and setup. If you’re living with a roommate, do you want the bedrooms to be right next to each other or on separate sides? Write down some of your ideal wants in a floorplan to see if the property has anything that matches. Then, you can also see which walls are connected to another unit and start planning out your décor.

Plan out your decor

Once you have a floorplan, you can also start planning how you might decorate your new home. Can you fit all of your current furniture in there? Will you need to downsize or add more? Also ask about the floors in the apartment and whether they’re carpet or wood. A wood floor apartment will need a good number of rugs to help dampen noise if you have neighbors below you. Also consider which walls are shared with another unit. If you can, try to avoid placing your bed against a wall for a quieter sleep and placing your TV set up against a shared wall to be a good neighbor.

In other words, don’t be afraid to ask questions with the property management so you can get all the necessary materials you need to find the perfect apartment. If you’re in the Twin Cities area looking for a new apartment, give our office a call to see our current availabilities. Tycon Companies manages nine different properties around the metro, and we always want our residents to Love Where You Live.