Managing rental properties requires a lot of investment into different aspects of the building and individual units, so here are some ways we take care of our properties for the benefit of our residents.

24/7 Maintenance

We proudly offer 24/7 maintenance services for our residents. If they run into an issue, such as a leak under a sink, they can put in a maintenance request to fix it. It’s all a part of the Tycon experience. The 24/7 maintenance comes in handy for urgent matters such as the heating going out on a freezing day. Since we inspect the apartments in between residents, it’s important for residents to let us know when there are maintenance needs so we can keep everything in tip-top shape.

Exterior/Interior Updates

All buildings need updates once in a while, so we do that for both the exterior and interior. If an update will affect normal routines, such as resurfacing the parking lot, property managers will inform the residents so they know when to expect the job and how long it will take. In the event of an appliance not working correctly, we will first try to repair it. If the repairs do not work, then we will replace the appliance. Other aspects of our units will be replaced and updated at regular intervals, but it often depends on how often residents are moving in and out of the unit and how they maintained it.

Routine Cleaning

While private areas like apartments are the residents’ responsibility to clean, we take over that task for public areas like hallways, entrances, laundry rooms, and other amenities included on the property. Especially after the pandemic, we have stepped up our routine cleaning procedures to keep everyone safe. That includes wiping door handles and elevator buttons regularly, regular vacuuming, and additional sanitizing in shared facilities like the laundry room. When a resident moves out, we also deep clean the apartment for the next resident. Tycon proudly offers move-in-ready living environments so you can start unpacking on day 1 of moving into your new home.

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