Whether you’re living in a studio or 3-bedroom apartment, it’s easy to accumulate stuff to fill the space. Then it’s time to move again, or you’ve started to run out of places to store belongings, or you notice that your home is just a bit disorganized. You start thinking about decluttering when it’s actually easy to keep that mentality year-round. Even if you only get a chance to do a big purge once a year, it helps avoid you accumulating too much. In general, these tips should help.

Organizers are your best friend. Even when you try to limit what you buy, it all starts to look messy if it’s not well organized. Luckily, organizers have become a big part of what home décor stores carry, and they come in all sizes. For example, grab a box to keep all your mail in one place, a soft tote for your sweaters, a box to keep medications in, etc. This helps you know exactly where certain items are stored, and now you might even have more room for additional items.

The Marie Kondo method. Made famous after her bestselling book and Netflix show, Marie Kondo’s method follows a pretty simple rule: what sparks joy? Once you’ve got the time, go through areas where you have a lot of stuff, like your wardrobe or decorations. See which items you want to keep and then donate the rest if you can. This helps you declutter and keep the items that have sentimental value.

Set a cleaning timer. Cleaning daily can seem like a huge task, so try to make it as easy as possible. Set a timer, only 5 or 10 minutes, and then get to cleaning. Focus on one area if that’s easier, and then focus on organizing and cleaning it. If you do that every day, then you’ll be able to easily keep your entire apartment clean week by week.

Use large boxes or totes for easier organization. It’s easy to start building clutter when you don’t have designated spots for items like seasonal décor, kitchenware, linens, etc. Limit yourself to filling a large tote so you won’t start to build up more items than you need. Then, when you’re storing things, be sure to label them so you know exactly what you have. Also keeping track of what you already own will prevent you from accidentally stocking up on repeats. Plus, when it comes to moving, it will be much easier.

By making these actions into habits, you can avoid the stress of a cluttered, messy environment. If you’re looking to downsize or update, then Tycon has got an apartment for you. We manage nine properties in the Twin Cities metro and want our residents to Love Where You Live.