Now that we’re in the middle of fall, the holiday season isn’t far away. Whether or not you celebrate them all—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Years—it’s inevitable that you or your friends might throw a get-together. When you’re renting, it’s important to know the best way to throw a bash without upsetting the building.

Warn your neighbors.

If you know you’ll be a little louder than usual, then giving your neighbors a heads-up never hurts. Knock on their door to see if they’re home or leave them a note. This helps minimize the potential for having noise complaints filed against you.

Be aware of quiet hours.

Many apartment complexes have quiet hours in place to avoid something like this happening. People lead many different lives, so someone who’s available to have a party late into the night might accidentally keep up their neighbor who’s going in to work early tomorrow. This helps residents be courteous to one another and keeps some rules in place in case they are not followed. Check your lease to reference when quiet hours are.

Don’t overcrowd your apartment.

The more people in your apartment, the more noise there will be, whether that’s people talking or walking around. Plus, they’ll all have to find parking around your place, and that could potentially take spots from residents or other guests. Keep your parties to a manageable number of guests, which will also make it much easier for you to plan to feed and entertain them.

Keep the music down.

The volume can easily get out of hand at a party when you’re trying to fill the whole place with background music. Be aware of this and try to keep it at a moderate level so your guests can also talk to each other without having to shout.

Manage the alcohol.

A lot of alcohol often means more noise as guests get boisterous and less aware of their noise levels. Be sure to keep an eye on your guests to make sure they don’t become too inebriated and can stay in control of their actions. Plus, if your guests drove themselves there, they shouldn’t be drinking much anyway. Try to make sure everyone goes home safe, even if that’s calling a ride share instead of driving themselves.

We hope everyone has a joyous fall and winter season and that these tips help you celebrate in a responsible way. Tycon Companies has been a trusted property management company since 1973, and we want you to Love Where You Live.