At Tycon, we are dedicated to a greener future. We have been a Twin Cities company since 1973, and Minnesota has been a leader in green city efforts for decades. Our building construction efforts match this by following LEED and Energy Star building standards and guidelines. Our newer buildings, such as Lakeview Terrace building, were designed with natural lighting concepts to lessen dependency on artificial lighting, energy-efficient windows and doors, an HVAC system for better air circulation, and energy-efficient lighting. Lakeview Terrace even received a Pyramid Award in 2015 for Excellence in Construction to recognize the outstanding achievement & quality workmanship. While not all of our properties were originally built by us, we still strive to make them greener when possible.

On that note, we would also like to inspire everyone to be more eco-conscious when they can through simple changes.

Separate your garbage. Take a look at what you’re throwing away and how you can separate items for optimal eco-friendly waste management. For example, you could have a container for recyclable items, a compost set up on your patio, and a garbage can for all other waste. This helps avoid all of your garbage ending up in landfills. However, be careful when setting up a compost system. They can easily attract bugs or grow mold if not done correctly.

Purchase energy-efficient products. A lot of items like small appliances, lamps, and power strips focus on surge protection and advancements that allow them to use less power. These are a win-win: you get smaller energy bills, and there’s less energy being used overall. Be sure to unplug most of those items and turn off lights when you go on a trip. Additionally, choose LED lightbulbs, which are more eco-friendly.

Avoid single-use items. Instead, invest in ways that allow you to eliminate that waste. They can be as simple as bringing a reusable water bottle with you everywhere, using a tote instead of plastic bags, refilling your hand soaps instead of buying a new soap container every time, using washable cotton towels for messes, etc.

Monitor your water usage. It’s easy for us to forget how quickly water usage adds up when you’re doing daily tasks like washing your hands, washing dishes, and taking a shower. Try to limit the time you are continuously turning that water on. Avoid keeping the water running as you wash your hands for 20 seconds, only turn the water on to rinse the dishes, and try to aim for less than 15–20-minute showers.

Give us a call if you’re interested in living a greener life at Tycon. We have locations all around the Twin Cities, so you can choose the type of city or suburban living that fits your lifestyle.