Moving apartments is a year-round activity, but many renters choose to avoid moving in winter because they think it’s too hard. However, with the right planning, it doesn’t have to be a big hassle. Let’s go over some ways to prepare for a smooth winter move.

Don’t do it alone.

Whether you choose to hire a moving crew or ask friends/family to help, moving alone in the winter can be extremely difficult. Spotters are important when handling larger objects, and moving them can be even more difficult if you’re dealing with icy or snowy pavement. Plus, more hands mean the move will take less time rather than just one person trying to load and unload everything.

Expect the move to take longer.

Moving items from one place to the next is a little harder when you’re avoiding snow and ice—even when you do have help. If you’re used to moving in summer or spring, expect the job to take more time than it might with perfect, sunny weather.

Make sure the utilities are set up.

The apartment complex needs to know your move-in day because chances are they turn off utilities if there’s a gap between the last tenant and now. Walking into a warm apartment will help everyone get a moment of relief as they keep going back into the cold.

Have a plan for bad weather.

If there’s a snowstorm moving in, you need to be prepared to make a weather call for the safety of you and those helping you move. If you’ve hired a moving company, ask them if they have any policies in place for an instance like this. Most of the time they are flexible because they run into this all the time and can accommodate a date change. Depending on the company, they might not be able to fit you in the day after or whenever you reschedule the move, so they will instead give you recommendations for other companies.

Lay tarps in high-traffic areas.

All that snow, ice, mud, and salt will combine into a sludgy mess on shoes, which you do not want on your floors or carpet. Place a floor mat at the entrance to encourage people to try to get most of it off there, but then plastics tarps will help protect the floors overall. Luckily, many moving companies will come prepared with their own covers, so that could be a question you ask when finding the right movers.

We hope these tips will help you feel more confident if you’re planning to move this season. Tycon Companies has nine apartment properties across the Twin Cities, so give us a call to check our current availabilities. We want you to Love Where You Live.