Finding a new place and moving can be a lot of stress for anybody. Luckily, staying organized and knowing what to expect can help ease some of those worries, especially when you give yourself time to get organized. As you start to prepare, here are some key ways you can stay on top of everything for a smooth move-in day.

Schedule/to-do list.

Making a list of all the tasks you have to do, such as a lot of these tips, will help you stay organized during the moving period. Include tasks such as switching over utilities, places you’ll need to update your address, calling a moving company, ordering boxes if needed, and any other needs.

Declutter first.

Before you start to pack up, give yourself enough time to go through your things. It’s easy to accumulate no matter the size of your place, so you may have a lot of stuff you could be donating or throwing out. It helps lessen the burden of moving, and you also get a fresh start at your new apartment. Go through your current place room by room so you don’t accidentally overwhelm yourself.


As you’re going through your things, also keep in mind where everything should go. For example, are those cleaning supplies in the best location, or could you be utilizing a different space? Get some new boxes or baskets for those items to help it all stay together, and then you’ll only have to unpack the storage box and find a place for it in the new apartment.

Color code and label.

Depending on what you gravitate towards, you may choose to color code and label your boxes or stick to one of them. Either way, it helps a lot to know exactly where your stuff should go when moving it in. Then, you can go room by room and unpack depending on the importance. For example, you may be unpacking bathroom stuff before living room, and you’ll know exactly what boxes to open the get to those items. It’d be helpful to also make a list of what’s in the boxes so you know where to look for specific items or even what box to unpack first.

Moving day essentials.

Put together a box or bag specifically for items such as a change of clothes, toiletries, medications, documents, toilet paper, paper towels, and a tool kit. Overall, try to think of things you’ll need to get to right away, and keep them with you instead of with the rest of the stuff. Additionally, most places will have your apartment cleaned beforehand, but you might still want to include some disinfectant wipes.

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