Every time you move, you get the opportunity to design a new space. Whether you’re packing up most of your furniture or starting from scratch, the interior design of each room helps your new place feel like home. From wall art to furniture, there are a many ways decorating your apartment can help it feel more comfortable.


Hang Wall Art


Since most rentals do not allow repainting the walls, it’s up to your décor to add some color and style to the blank slate. Check your lease to see what you are and are not allowed on the walls. If you can put nails in them, be prepared to fill them at the end of your rental for your deposit. Otherwise, there are options out there like command strips.


Pick a Palette


A cohesive theme in a room can make it feel more polished and cozier. Try to pick a color, shade, or pattern to use throughout the pieces in the room. They can be used in pillows, curtains, rugs, wall art, furniture, or whatever else you can imagine.


Divide the Space


Depending on the design of your place, it may need some spaces properly defined. Take a step back when decorating your apartment. Where do the separations happen? An open floor plan benefits from using rugs or furniture to better designate an area. A room used for dining and living, for example, could benefit from a large rug under the table. Then it’s clear where the dining area and living room separate.


Add Light


Proper lighting can really add to the relaxing vibe of a room. A dark corner can be easily be lit with a floor lamp, and you can also take the opportunity to add some style. Lamps come in many designs and styles, and they can feel less harsh than an overhead light.


Go Vertical


Adding a bookcase to your space allows you to add a lot of storage that takes up less room. It’s also a great place to add touches that really make your apartment feel like home: knickknacks, pictures, books, and other decorative pieces. Plus, if you’re allowed to use nails, you could also add some shelves to continue utilizing the vertical space of the apartment.


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