Whether you’re an experienced or new renter, knowing the role of a property management company can be confusing. What exactly do they do for the property? How can you communicate with them? We’re here to let you know the basics of what most property management companies do to improve the renting experience.

What are property management companies?

They help a property owner take on all the responsibilities that come with managing a building of tenants. Tasks typically involve operations, administration, and emergencies. All in all, the company helps create a positive experience for all residents of their assigned properties.

Some of the most common duties include:

Offering office support.

Instead of one landlord, property management companies delegate tasks out to a team. An on-site property manager is typically the person residents will know best, but the office will have other members supporting your building too. When you have a question, you can go to the office to get help or contact them through other means. They’re there for your convenience and to make living there enjoyable.

Maintaining the grounds and common areas.

The company will most likely hire an outside company to come in and maintain certain areas of the building. The residents will not have to worry about outdoor tasks like mowing, trimming, or planting. Additionally, designated common areas will be cleaned by them as well.

Responding to repairs.

When a resident requests repairs or a unit needs updates before it becomes available, the property management company handles it. They will often have a maintenance team living on or dedicated to that property. Then repairs can be completed in a timely manner. For convenience, many companies invest in a resident portal that allows requests to be made with just a few clicks.

Showing units.

When apartments open up for rent, the management company handles the application and screening process. They communicate with potential renters to set up a tour time, answer their questions, and give them the information to apply. Applications are reviewed and either approved or denied by them based on the building’s standards.

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