Minnesota is known for its commitment to green and eco-friendly practices, and Tycon Companies is proud to be a part of this movement. As one of the local companies prioritizing sustainable building practices, Tycon Properties implements eco-friendly measures in its apartment buildings. From energy-efficient design to providing green tips for residents, Tycon encourages a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. In this blog post, we will explore Tycon’s eco-friendly practices and share some green tips for renters to adopt in their Tycon apartments. 

What is Tycon’s Commitment to Green Building? 

Tycon Companies has embraced green building practices in its newer apartment buildings, focusing on LEED and Energy Star guidelines. These certifications ensure that the buildings are designed to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint. For instance, Tycon’s Lakeview Terrace, constructed with sustainable codes, earned a Pyramid Award for Excellence in Construction in 2015, recognizing its outstanding achievement and quality workmanship. Tycon strives to implement eco-friendlier measures across all its properties, including older buildings, to create a sustainable living environment for residents. 

What can you expect inside Tycon apartments? 

Tycon encourages its residents to adopt environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives. Here are some green tips that renters in Tycon apartments can follow: 

  1. Choose LED Lighting: When replacing lightbulbs, opt for energy-efficient LED bulbs. This not only reduces energy consumption but also helps save money on electricity bills. 
  2. Utilize Power Strips: Invest in power strips with surge protection to minimize power waste. Turning off the power strip when devices are not in use can significantly reduce energy consumption. 
  3. Remember to Switch Off: Develop a habit of turning off lights when leaving a room and unplugging appliances when going on a trip. These simple actions help conserve energy and reduce unnecessary power usage. 
  4. Minimize Water Usage: Be mindful of water usage by avoiding long periods of running water while doing dishes, washing hands, or taking a shower. Aim for efficient water usage, targeting 10 minutes or less for showers. 
  5. Embrace Recycling and Reusing: Practice recycling and reusing whenever possible. Use reusable shopping bags to reduce plastic waste and opt for products with minimal packaging. Emphasize the importance of recycling among fellow residents to create a greener community. 
  6. Consider Composting: If you’re willing to put in the effort, setting up a compost system can significantly reduce food waste. However, ensure that you research and follow proper composting techniques to prevent any unwanted odors or pest issues. 
  7. Bring Nature Indoors: Enhance your apartment’s ambiance and air quality by introducing indoor plants. Plants not only beautify the space but also improve air quality by naturally filtering pollutants. 

At Tycon Companies, we believe that small actions can create a big impact on the environment. By adopting eco-friendly practices in our apartment buildings and encouraging residents to do the same, we strive to build a greener future. If you’re interested in living a greener lifestyle, consider one of our nine Tycon rental properties located throughout the Twin Cities. Choose the type of city or suburban living that fits your lifestyle and join us in creating a sustainable community. 

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is not only beneficial for the environment but also contributes to a healthier and more sustainable future. Tycon Companies is committed to implementing green building practices and providing residents with the tools and resources to live greener lives. By following the green tips mentioned above, renters in Tycon apartments can play their part in creating a more sustainable world. Embrace eco-friendly living, conserve energy, reduce waste, and make a positive impact on the planet. Join Tycon in building a greener future today.