As the weather warms up, the bustling season for apartment hunting and moving is upon us. Typically, between the months of May and September, the market experiences increased turnover and higher availability, making it an opportune time to embark on the search for a new apartment. Amid this fast-paced period, we recognize that some renters may find the process daunting. To ease the journey, we have curated a set of invaluable tips to guide you through the quest for a new place during this busy season. 

Craft a Detailed List 

With an upsurge in available inventory swiftly transitioning from vacant to occupied, it becomes crucial to have a clear understanding of your preferences. When conducting your research, ensure that your top choices align with most, if not all, of your apartment prerequisites. While a place may present surprises or require some compromises, outlining your priorities will enable you to wisely schedule your viewings and facilitate quicker decision-making. 

Timing is Key: Begin at Month End 

The conclusion of the month marks the expiration of most leases, as they usually require a 30-day notice period. Consequently, this time frame witnesses an influx of available apartments onto the market. Initiating your search during this period provides you with a wider array of options to explore as soon as they become available, thereby increasing your chances of securing your dream apartment by being one of the first to seize the opportunity. 

Lay Out a Strategic Timeline 

Creating a detailed timeline can serve as an organizational tool. Take into account the end date of your current lease, if applicable, and factor in the notice period required. Determine whether you are prepared to condense your apartment hunting activities within a month or if beginning a month in advance would be more suitable. Setting reminders or utilizing tools like Google alerts for properties of interest can provide valuable insights into opportune openings, thereby relieving some of the stress associated with the timing of your apartment hunting process. 

Direct Engagement with Apartment Properties 

If feasible, reaching out to property management directly to schedule viewings can expedite the process. While email correspondence remains a viable option, placing a direct call often ensures a prompt response and confirms your slot on their schedule. Bearing in mind the hectic nature of the peak season and the management’s day-to-day responsibilities, leaving a message if they are unavailable is encouraged, with email communication serving as a secondary option in case of non-responsiveness. 

Apartment hunting during the peak season presents both advantages and challenges. We trust that these valuable tips will alleviate some of the stress associated with this transitional phase. If you find yourself in the Twin Cities area, do not hesitate to reach out to Tycon Companies, which manages a diverse portfolio of nine properties across the metro. We are here to assist you in checking on availability and facilitating a seamless apartment hunting experience.