Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Renters get a fresh new space to call home, but sometimes their old décor doesn’t fit as well in the new apartment. Maybe they want a new look for a new space. Or, for apartment dwellers who want a change without moving, they’re not sure where to even start on redecorating.

To help, we’ve put together some easy ways to transform your apartment and make it more homey:

Buy some small plants. Plants add color and life to your apartment, and they come in so many varieties that it’s pretty easy to find one that will fit your needs.

Or opt for fake plants. If you’re not comfortable with live plants in your apartment, then there’s always the option of fake plants. Whether you get a large potted plant or some hanging vines, pops of green will make your apartment feel more cozy.

Add more lighting. If your apartment feels dark, get creative on your lighting. Buy a floor lamp, table lamp, or hang string lights to add some more light and warmth to your apartment.

Decorate with stuff you love. Display some of your favorite art, knickknacks, books, or other items that bring you joy. If you can’t hang shelves, use a bookshelf to utilize your wall area without taking up too more floor space.

Make it cozy. Bring on the cozy-ness with a variety of textures and fabrics in your throws, pillows, or accent rugs. Hanging a tapestry has also become a trendy way to add an accent wall without painting.

Add some color. To really get the most out of your colors, use neutral as a foundation and then add in some pops of color. For example, a neutral colored couch with bright pillows or throws will add some interest to your space in a sophisticated way. Then, apartment dwellers who are more comfortable with color can still play up their space without going overboard.

Decorate for the holidays. To get a bit more seasonal cheer out of your décor, store some decorations just for special events. Whether you’re decorating for Halloween or Christmas, a lot of people feel happier when they put some extra work into a themed home.

While these tips may seem simple, they can do a lot when trying to make an apartment feel more like home. Overall, just make sure you’re decorating to your style and taste, so it really reflects your personality. If you’re located in the Twin Cities, take a look at the nine Tycon properties we have located around the metro. We want you to Love Where You Live.