Founded in 1973, Tycon Companies has been managing properties in the Twin Cities for almost 50 years. We have a variety of high-quality, affordable residential/commercial properties that are rented out, which require experienced and hardworking staff to help manage them. Whether hired for management, maintenance, customer service, or other roles, Tycon employees are an important part of how we have become one of the most experienced property management companies in the area.

How have we maintained this reputation? We do it by regularly monitoring properties to ensure proper cleanliness, working lighting, and up-to-date safety systems. These important tasks show that we care about our residents and the properties they’ve decided to call their home or office. Plus, when a repair is needed, we get the job done right the first time. We’re proud to create move-in-ready living environments for our hundreds of residents between our nine residential properties.

We also offer construction and development services and have worked on projects that include residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. One of our more recent achievements was earning a Pyramid Award for our Lakeview Terrace property. Those premier awards are given out for excellence in construction; we were especially proud of the eco-friendly implements put into Lakeview Terrace and our development plans for the forthcoming future.

Overall, many roles go into managing rental properties, construction/development work, and supporting the main office of Tycon Companies. We want our residents to Love Where You Live, and our employees to love where they work. If you are interested in learning more about our current employment opportunities, contact our office at 612.379.7000 or [email protected].