As we all begin to head indoors for the season, renters start to think more about the air quality of their home. It’s not as easy to just open the windows up when it’s the dead of winter, so you should know other ways to manage and improve indoor air quality. Luckily, many of these ways are easy, and you can implement them right away.

Turn on the stove fan.

When you’re cooking, try to always turn on the exhaust fans. They’re designed to remove moisture, oils, and odors that occur when you’re cooking, which helps keep the air clean. Ever noticed a food smell lingering longer than you’d like? This also helps keep your place smelling fresh and clean.

Clean your carpet.

All floors get dirty easily, and that’s especially true for carpet. The soft fibers naturally catch dust and other particles, which can help keep them from releasing back into the air. However, it’s important to clean up those trapped particles by vacuuming every week. Be sure to do the same for your rugs. If you have the equipment, you can also steam clean them once a year.

Control the humidity.

Too much moisture in the air can be an issue for any home. High humidity can lead to mold growth, which can then cause many health hazards. During the winter, the humidity in the air naturally goes down. Many renters get out a humidifier to help, but it could end up adding too much moisture to the air. Luckily, there are air quality measurement tools you can buy to help monitor that and avoid the threat of mold.

Use an air purifier.

One of the most effective ways to control the air quality of your home, air purifiers are effective and a good investment. When equipped with a HEPA filter, they can even remove 99% of small airborne particles from the air. Allergy and asthma sufferers will want that type of filter for maximum effect.

Buy indoor plants.

While studies differ on how effective indoor plants are at reducing air pollutants in large spaces, it’s still a nice way to add some green. Plus, plants have been proven to pull contaminants out of the air, so they’re a natural purifier. If you have allergies, however, be mindful about the foliage you pick. You don’t want to accidentally make your air quality worse due to triggers.

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